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Thoisa Investments AG is an active Switzerland based company founded on 4th of May 2015 with it's legal headquarters located in Wettingen, Switzerland. It is a Company limited by shares and active in the industry Management of real estate portfolio properties duly registered in the Commercial Registry Office with UID number CHE-193.953.081.

Thoisa broke grounds in the field of investments by offering solid and diverse range of services which includes Real Estate Management, Financial Management Services, Gold Mining, Tesla and Partial Agriculture. Working within the regulations of the federal government, Thoisa have effectively handled, recycled, invested and maximized the capital and fundings from trustees and investors all over the world. Duly vetted by the government, the security of your investments and fundings is of the maximum and effectively assured.
As well as assuring great efficiency in investments, we also help make dreams of making and raising midrange investors come true by putting them on the global stage with their unmatched initiatives. Thoisa has also put in place a lot of other inducement that promotes effectiveness and transparency to further improve growth and development.
Thoisa Investments allows you to enjoy a great investment experience with total peace of mind providing high-quality and predictive models to enrich organizations and peoples lives.
Email: support@thoisainvestments.com
Address: Staffelstrasse 22, 5430 Wettingen, Switzerland
CEO: Simone Tesolat